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 CyberLink PowerDVD Ultra VerSiON 11.0.1919.51 ติดตั้งเสร็จสบายตัว ไม่ต้อง crack

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ตั้งหัวข้อเรื่อง: CyberLink PowerDVD Ultra VerSiON 11.0.1919.51 ติดตั้งเสร็จสบายตัว ไม่ต้อง crack    Sat Aug 06, 2011 11:34 am

CyberLink PowerDVD Ultra VerSiON 11.0.1919.51 ติดตั้งเสร็จสบายตัว ไม่ต้อง crack

CyberLink PowerDVD Ultra VerSiON 11.0.1919.51 ติดตั้งเสร็จสบายตัว ไม่ต้อง crack ไม่ต้องใส่ key + [ Skin Mods , Tweak Pack] ทดสอบ100% Win7 sp1[Full]{เวอร์ชั่นล่าสุดปัจจุบัน} Play any HD & 3D media – Blu-ray Movies

PowerDVD 11 is the ultimate universal media player on PC , Device , Home , and Social Cloud that extends your viewing experience beyond just movies on PCs.
Play any media formats from any device at home or on social networks , with enhanced HD and 3D quality.

PowerDVD is Blu-ray / DVD playback software , complemented by high- definition Dolby and DTS audio technologies.

PowerDVD 11 gives you more cutting-edge technologies to enhance media playback.

* Blu-ray and Full HD movie playback
* CPU/GPU hardware acceleration support for flawless playback
* TrueTheater enhancements to convert your videos to HD & 3D
* Enhanced TrueTheater 3D to convert 2D-to-3D for DVDs and video files
* Enjoy all your HD media - movies , music , and photos
* Play media from anywhere - PCs , smart devices , and cloud
* Enhance the quality of all your media - videos , photos & music
* Watch videos & photos on YouTube , Facebook and Flickr
* Control PowerDVD from your iPhone , iPad & Android device with PowerDVD Remote

PowerDVD now converts 2D movies into 3D , plays an extensive range of video formats including MKV , FLV , 3GP , and makes movies social by sharing bookmark reviews and live comments.
Experience PowerDVD - the best Blu-ray playback and DVD player software available today.

Support for Apple & Android Devices
Supports the Apple iPhone , iPad and iPod Touch , and Android-based phones and tablets.

CyberLink s most advanced movie and media player to date , PowerDVD 11 delivers 3D and HD movies on the PC.

Mobility Pack
Advance Audio Pack

PowerDVD 11 is a unique universal player that offers the best playback quality available.
Whether it is 3D movie content , captured home videos , or your digital music files , PowerDVD 11 lets you access them all from the same convenient player software , enhancing your experience in all kinds of new ways.

Upgrade Your Media Experience to 3D & HD:

* Immerse in brilliant Blu-ray 3D playback with CPU/GPU acceleration and lossless HD audio
* Convert DVDs and videos into a magical 3D experience
* Play an extensive range of video formats , including MKV , FLV , 3GP , and more
* Make movies social by sharing bookmark reviews and live comments

Brilliant Blu-ray Movies
Experience Blu-ray movies the way that only PowerDVD 11 can offer: simply unbeatable quality.

Optimized for leading CPU/GPU technologies including 2nd generation Intel Core processors , AMD and NVIDIA.

Utilizes the full power of your graphics hardware resulting in superb playback quality and reduced loading on your PC’s system resources.

Blu-ray 3D Movies
Supports Blu-ray HD 3D with vivid dimensions in picture depth and crystal-clear images that leap out of your screen.

And PowerDVD 11 Cinema Mode now also features an entirely 3D user interface for your 3D titles so that you can immerse yourself in the 3D experience from start to finish
Offering the best quality 3D movie experience possible , PowerDVD is compatible with the full range of 3D hardware on the market , including glasses , graphics cards , and monitors.

Upscale DVDs and Videos to HD
Enjoy better movie playback quality for your DVDs , videos , and Youtube files with TrueTheater HD upscaling technology.
DVD and media player PowerDVD 11 lets you output to an HDTV in a quality that looks noticeably sharper and clearer.
Optimization for hardware acceleration ensures even smoother results.

With TrueTheater HD optimized for NVIDIA CUDA and ATI Stream hardware acceleration technology , PowerDVD 11 ensures smooth HD-like performance for DVD movies by shifting the graphics processing from your CPU to your NVIDIA or ATI graphics card.

Play DVDs in 3D
3D movie player PowerDVD 11 takes you to new heights of visual excellence for standard DVD content.
Featuring advanced TrueTheater 3D technology , PowerDVD converts 2D movies into a spectacular 3D experience.
Optimize playback quality for your movie content and hardware.
Convert 2D DVDs , videos , photos , Facebook , Flickr , etc media to 3D.

TrueTheater Enhancements (HD/Denoise/ Stabilizer/Motion/Stretch/Lighting)
With PowerDVD 11 home videos can be enhanced using TrueTheater Stabilizer and TrueTheater Noise Reduction to remove video noise and stabilize shaky videos.

TrueTheater Stretch provides undistorted videos on 16:9 screens: For DVDs , videos , Youtube videos

TrueTheater Lighting enhances details and colors.

As a universal player , PowerDVD now plays even more formats , gives you access to online movie trailers via MoovieLive , and lets you upload files to YouTube.

Home Theater Music
Supporting the latest music library features of Windows 7 , PowerDVD 11 makes it even easier to listen to music from the player you use to enjoy your movies.
Create playlists of favorite tunes.
Use TrueTheater Surround technology to optimize your audio for home theater and PC hardware.

High Definition Audio
3D and HD movie player PowerDVD 11 supports high-definition audio formats from Dolby Digital and DTS.
Support for HDMI 1.4 delivers the purity of lossless HD audio via a single convenient cable to your home theater system.

SRS TruSurround
PowerDVD 11 not only solves the problem of playing 5.1 or 6.1 multichannel content over two speakers or headphones , but also utilizes proprietary algorithms from SRS Labs - Dialog Clarity and TruBass - to provide listeners with a truly immersive audio experience.

PowerDVD accepts input from up to a 7 channel (6.1) audio source and processing a 2 channel output.
When receiving multichannel content , PowerDVD virtualizes the channels , creating "phantom" speakers that appear to extend all around the listener , producing an amazing surround sound effect.
When receiving mono or stereo content , the functionality of SRS WOW is present to create an expansive three dimensional sound field.

View Photos in Animated Slideshows
PowerDVD 11’s new photo feature is much more than just a viewer.
View photos stored on your PC , smart device or DLNA server , Facebook , and Flickr .

And if you’re a fan of animated photo slideshows , PowerDVD 11 will put both 2D and 3D productions together for you at the click of a button.

Movie Reviews and Live Comments
Create movie reviews that other users can read and play using PowerDVD 11.
MovieMarks combine bookmarks and review comments and can be shared online via
Meanwhile , Live Comments let you post your opinions to Facebook , Twitter and MoovieLive while your movie is playing.

Supported formats

Supported Audio Formats
* Dolby TrueHD (7.1-channel)
* Dolby Digital EX (7.1-channel)
* Dolby Digital Plus (7.1-channel)
* CyberLink TrueTheater Surround
* Dolby Pro Logic IIx surround sound
* Lossless HD Audio (HDMI 1.4 support)
* Dolby Virtual Speaker
* Dolby Headphone
* DTS 96/24
* AAC , MP3 , WMA , AMR , AOB
* AAC Channel support
* TrueTheater - Surround (Multi-channel Environment Impression Mode)
* TrueTheater - Surround (Virtual Speaker Mode)
* TrueTheater - Surround (Headphone Mode)
* Pitch scaling technology
* Audio equalizer presets
* Audio visualizations
* Direct 96/24 output

Playback Formats:
* AVCHD playback
* AVCREC playback
* BD-R 1.1 playback
* BD-RE 2.1 playback
* BD-RE 3 playback
* 3D TV (ISDB-T Standard)
* BD Profile 1.1 (Bonus View) playback
* BD Profile 2.0 (BD Live) playback
* BD Profile 5.0 (BD 3D) playback
* Blu-ray 3D movie playback
* 2D-to-3D video file playback
* MKV (H.264) playback
* FLV (H.264) playback
* 3GP/3G2 playback
* MPEG-2 HD playback
* MPEG-4 AVC (H.264)
* WMV-HD playback
* MPEG-2 Transport Stream (M2TS)
* SMPTE VC-1 playback
* TiVo
* BD-ROM 2.2 , BD-J (Blu-ray Disc) playback
* BD-RE (Blu-ray Disc) playback
* VCPS for DVD+VR with content protection
* CPRM for DVD-VR with content protection
* External subtitles
* Enhanced TrueTheater 3D to convert 2D-to-3D for DVDs and video files
* DVD files (DVD-Video , DVD-VR , DVD+VR) from any folder on your hard drive

Advanced Features:
* Play any HD & 3D media – Blu-ray Movies , video , music , and photos
* Play media from anywhere – PCs , smart devices , home/social cloud
* Play in upscaled quality – Videos , YouTube , photos and music
* Play social media – Your hub for YouTube , Facebook and Flickr
* Play PowerDVD from your iPhone , iPad and Android Devices – PowerDVD Remote
* PowerDVD Cinema playback mode (with full remote control support)
* PowerDVD MCE plug-in (seamless integration with Windows Media Center)
* Support for Windows 7 music library
* Instant Seek for DVD movies
* Movie Collection Support
* Upload 3D vides to YouTube
* Movie Remix
* PowerDVD Remote app (iPhone/Android)
* Stream content with DTCP-IP protection
* Download video/music/photos from DLNA server to PC
* Integration with MoovieLive Service
* UPnP Support - Access your media from a Home Network
* Say-It-Again - Automatically repeats the last movie scene
* See-It-All - Automatically speeds playback to show as much of the movie as possible
* Read-It-Clearly - Moves subtitles from the viewing screen

Available Languages:
English , Chinese (Traditional) , Japanese , Spanish , Korean , Chinese (Simplified) , German , French , Italian , Russian , Portuguese

สำหรับระบบ :::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Windows 7 32-64 bit/Vista 32-64 bit/XP SP3 32 bit

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Skins :



File :

Download All 1 Link [โหลดเร็วกว่า Mediafire แน่นอนครับ]
>>>>> 96.4 MB <<<<<
*ใครโหลดไม่ได้ให้ รี ip นะครับ ทำให้ ip เปลี่ยน ครับ เปลี่ยนก็สามารถโหลดไฟล์ ได้แล้วครับ

[size=16pt]วิธีดาวโหลด PutLocker [/size]

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CyberLink PowerDVD Ultra VerSiON 11.0.1919.51 ติดตั้งเสร็จสบายตัว ไม่ต้อง crack
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